I suggest to implement ...

Optimize voucher functions

1. Allow purchase if voucher value is greater than produkt price:
Ex: Voucher value is 50,- EUR, Price is 49,95 EUR

2. Allow rest credits on vouchers with serial numbers:
Ex: Voucher value is 50,- EUR, produkct price is 30,- EUR, rest value is 20,- EUR for further shopping

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    biebie shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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      • Peter Brilla commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Rest credits would be very nice yes.

        And of course push option for vouchers to include shipping costs

        Also maybe optimized product specific vouchers:

        Prod A x 3 : 7€/piece
        Prod B x 2: 24€/piece
        Prod C x 1: 5€
        Basketprice without voucher: 74€

        Prod A and B assigned to voucherseries worth with absolute discount of 20€.

        Voucher calculation with different options:

        option CalculateOnce = off:
        Prod A: (7€ - 20€) x 3 = 0€ (not lower than 0€)
        Prod B: (24€ - 20€) x 2 = 8€
        Prod C: 5€ -> not in voucher
        Basketprice: 13€ (61€ discount with voucher)

        option CalculateOnce = on:
        Prod A: (7€ x 3) - 20€ = 1€
        Prod B: (24€ x 2) - 20€ = 24€
        Prod C: 5€ -> not in voucher
        Basketprice: 30€ (44€ discount with voucher)

        !Additionally option CalculateAllProductsOnce = on (consequently ignoring option CalculateOnce)
        Prod A + B: ( (7€ x 3) + (24€ x 2) ) - 20€ = 69€ - 20€ = 49€
        Prod C: 5€ -> not in voucher
        Basketprice: 54€ (20€ discount with voucher)

        The additional option CalculateAllProductsOnce lets customers get selected products worth a total of XX€. (i.e. articles of a certain brand worth a total of XX€).
        This way customers could use a 20€ voucher (all products of a certain brand assigned) for 1 item worth 20€ or more, or for a couple of cheaper items of this brand, as they wish.

        Especially if assigned products have a big price variety, vouchers with an absolute discount are a bit hard to comprehend and lead to large discount differences, depending on the number of article positions.

        Added options for shipping costs and for calculating all assigned products once myself in a module but I think it would be a nice part of standard oxid.

      • Dirk Weimar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Also, vouchers should take effect on shipping costs. Seen from the customer's side, if I buy a voucher for e.g. € 50, I don't want to pay anything if I have a total (incl. shipping costs) less than that in my cart.

      • AdminMarco (Admin, OXID) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        from this forum post:

        Add configuration options to Gift Registry: Where users can select a predefined event type (birthday, wedding, etc) or a custom event and the date it will be take place (start date and end date).


        Gift certificates: a way where users can obtain gift certificates. See http://www.cs-cart.com/gift-certificates.html for what I mean.

      • Dainius commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree with 1st, as it should work like this. But this would mean also allowing orders with negative Totals, with all the consequences. Or at least orders with 0 money, and X money transferred to "user account".
        For implementing this with 2nd feature, I think it would need something more:
        - an option ON/OFF for those shop owners, who don't want to "return" money for customer if he didn't used all voucher amount.
        - maybe simple accounting in the admin of "unused" money amounts on "used" vouchers.
        - Show left money amount on particular voucher, used by customer in My Account.
        - Should the Partialy "used" vouchers be assigned to customer profile, for possibility to use left money only by this particular customer?
        - Any time expiration is needed for partialy "used" vouchers? I.e. left money can be used only in next 48 hours, then it reset to 0? Additional option for setting expiration time would be needed.
        Also need to think how it should behave when the order is canceled and voucher was fully used (should it revive the voucher?), when voucher handling when it expired (some cron-like task, which sets expirations from time to time?), etc.

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